Forest Sustainability

Since the dawn of forest management (18th century), sustainability has been a key concept in forestry systems. Together with Prof. Carlos Romero for more than ten years, and more recently with other colleagues from ECSEN and other Universities, we have been dedicated to solving problems based on the aggregation of different sustainability criteria and indicators using various multicriteria techniques. Although the applications have been oriented to diverse forest issues, the methodologies developed  allow their application to other natural systems. Some publications:


5a) Theoretical papers

Diaz-Balteiro L., Romero C., 2004. Sustainability of forest management plans: A discrete goal programming approachJournal of Environmental Management 71: 349-357.

Diaz-Balteiro L., Romero C., 2004. In search of a natural systems sustainability indexEcological Economics 49: 401-405.


5b) Applications to wood-based industry

Diaz-Balteiro, L.; Voces, R.; Romero, C., 2011. Making sustainability rankings using compromise programming. An application to european paper industrySilva Fennica 45: 548-554.

Voces, R.; Diaz-Balteiro, L.; Romero, C., 2012. Characterisation and explanation of the sustainability of the European wood manufacturing industries: a quantitative approachExpert System with Applications 39: 6618-6627.


5c) Applications to industrial forest plantations management

Giménez, J.C; Bertomeu, M.; Diaz-Balteiro, L.; Romero, C., 2013. Optimal harvest scheduling in Eucalyptus plantations under a sustainability perspectiveForest Ecology and Management 291: 367-376.

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5d) Other applications

Diaz-Balteiro, L.; Alonso, R.; Martínez-Jáuregui, M.; Pardos, M., 2017. Selecting the best forest management alternative by aggregating ecosystem services indicators over time: A case study in Central SpainEcological Indicators 72: 322-329.