Wood-based Industry

This line of research, although left aside in recent years, has been the basis for the writing of two Ph.D. Theses, as well as a remarkable set of publications. For the development of this line, I have benefited from the contributions of other ECSEN colleagues (especially Prof. A. Casimiro Herruzo and Dr. Roberto Voces) and Prof. Óscar Alfranca, from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Excluding those related to sustainability, already introduced , the most interesting publications are selected below:


8a) Spanish Wood-Based Industry

Diaz-Balteiro L., Herruzo C., Martínez M.; Gonzalez-Pachon J., 2006. An analysis of productive efficiency and innovation using DEA: An application to Spain’s wood-based industry. Forest Policy and Economics 8: 762-773.

Herruzo, A.C., Diaz-Balteiro L., Calvo X. 2008. A measurement of geographic concentration in Spain’s wood- based industryForest Products Journal 58: 54-60.


8b) Innovation in Wood-Based Industry

Alfranca O., Diaz-Balteiro L., Herruzo C., 2009. Technical innovation in Spain's wood-based industry: the role of environmental and quality strategiesForest Policy and Economics 11: 161-168.

Alfranca, O.; Voces, R.; Herruzo, A.C.; Diaz-Balteiro, L., 2014. Effects of the innovation on the European wood industry market structureForest Policy and Economics 40: 40-47.


8c) Circular economy in Wood-Based Industry


Diaz-Balteiro, L.; Romero, C., García de Jalón, S., 2022. An analysis of the degree of circularity of the wood-based industry in Europe. Journal of Industrial Ecology (In Press)